// TOKYO ONLINE TOUR // Asakusa by Rickshaw & LIVE Ninja Show! ~ Experience Tokyo Edo Culture ONLINE!! ~【Bilingual: Eng/Jpn】

  • Date & Time
    Aug. 28, 2021 (Sat)   15:00~ (Japan)
  • Price
    1,500 yen
    (tax incl.)
  • Duration
    1 hour(s) 10 min(s)
  • LIVE Ninja Show
  • Asakusa Rickshaw Tour!
  • Experience Traditional Japanese Culture!
  • Asakusa Rickshaw Virtual Tour
Course #
Max. #
30 persons
Min. #
5 persons
  • Asakusa Rickshaw Ride (LIVE)
  • Cultural Experience & Shop Introduction (VTR)
  • Asakusa Virtual Tour (VR)
  • Ninja Show (LIVE)
  • Quiz and Talk Time (LIVE)


Sneak View of the Tour Conducted

  • LIVE Broadcasting & Making Movies

    Sat. 8/28 Asakusa Rickshaw & Ninja Online Tour (Sakura Tourist)
    Sat. 8/28 Asakusa Rickshaw & Ninja Online Tour (Sakura Tourist)
    Sat. 8/28 Asakusa Rickshaw & Ninja Online Tour (Sakura Tourist)
    Sat. 8/28 Asakusa Rickshaw & Ninja Online Tour (Sakura Tourist)
    Sat. 8/28 Asakusa Rickshaw & Ninja Online Tour (Sakura Tourist)
  • VR Contents (360-degree Tour)

    【360-degree Tour】Asakura Sightseeing

    【360-degree Tour】Asakura Sightseeing (Sakura Tourist)

Points of Interests

  • LIVE Ninja Show

    Watch Live Ninja Performance by Asakusa Shinobi Ninja "Shadow" (影道) !
    Asakusa "Shadow" (影道) is a group of Ninja performers holding the shows and giving a variety of Ninja experiences worldwide since 2016.
  • Asakusa Rickshaw Tour!

    Going Around Asakusa by Rickshaw! Just Like the Good Old Time in Edo Era.
  • Experience Traditional Japanese Culture!

    Enjoy traditional Japanese culture! Wear Kimono, "Goldfish Scooping (Kingyo-sukui)", "Matsuri Shooting Gallery (Shateki)" and "Monjayaki" on VTR. "Monjayaki" is similar to "Okonomiyaki", casual teppanyaki dish, that is specialty of Tsukishima, Tokyo.
  • Asakusa Rickshaw Virtual Tour

    Asakusa Virtual Tour takes you anywhere you want and the way you want. You have all the control! Have the great ride of your own virtually.


  • Meal
  • Sightseeing
  • Shopping
  • LIVE
  • VTR

Aug. 28, 2021 (Sat)

  • opening
  • Asakusa Rickshaw Ride
  • Cultural experience & shop introduction
  • Asakusa Virtual Tour (VR)
  • Ninja Show
  • Quiz and Talk time
  • ending

Terms & Condittions

Terms & Condittions

Min. # of Participants 5 persons
Max. # of Participants 30 persons
Included in Price Participation Fee of the Online Tour
Planned & Opperated by Sakura Tourist Co., Ltd.
Video Production and Streaming Service Alchemist Magic YOHEY
This online tour is conducted using Zoom Web Conferencing tool.The use of Zoom (free) is necessary.
Each customer needs to set up his/her envrironment and is responsible for the internet connection and the use of the device such as PC/smartphone for the use of Zoom.
Before applying for the tour, please understand that we cannot offer support for the Zoom system.

Cancellation Policy

Fully refunded if cancelled before 8 days prior to the travel date.
The cancellation fee of 100% of the tour price will be charged if cancelled after 7 days prior to the travel date.

About Zoom


・Network Environment (minimum):1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps or more(Up/Down)
・Device Needed:Camera, Spearker/Headset/Earphone, Microphone (Please test them before the session!)


・Please use the "nickname" you filled in on your application form as your display name.
・We might take control on your online status as needed.
・Please use "chat" function if you have any questions or concerns. We will reply when possible.
・The time schedule and the contents of the tour are subject to change.


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